5 Facts you didn’t know about Alzheimer’s disease


Alzheimer, one of the most common types of dementia, is a neurological disorder that leads to the death of brain cells, which ultimately causes memory loss and other mental abilities. In this World Alzheimer’s Month, let’s limelight five less-known facts about the disease described by West Cary Family Physicians:
* Alzheimer can be prevented
Yes, you read that right! According to the medical professionals at West Cary Family Physicians and other renowned names in the medical science, this disease can be prevented by paying attention to specific factors such as blood sugar level, blood pressure, and physical exercises.

* It is not inherited

It is undeniable that a family history of Alzheimer increases a person’s risk for developing Alzheimer however, it is not only the fact behind it. In fact, there are many people who are suffering from this disease with no family history at all.

* Aging of the brain is not a prime factor

Many past medical researches clearly showed that the risk of Alzheimer gets high with age but, the recent studies say that this memory loss issue is also manifesting in younger people.

* More than 5 million Americans with Alzheimer may not know about it

Mainly, because of the unawareness or the problem in detecting the Alzheimer at an early stage, many people remain undiagnosed. Half of the people suffering from this problem don’t even know about this disease or its symptoms.

* Women are more likely to have Alzheimer than men

According to recent research by The Alzheimer Association, around two-thirds of Americans experience this problem are women. However, this doesn’t define or categorize the disease based on the gender the basic ground for this statistic is that women mostly live longer than men.