Coronavirus: what to know?

Thursday, february 20, 2020

Coronavirus is a type of common virus which can cause infections in nose and upper portion of throat. Coronaviruses are affecting respiratory tract of mammals which is including human being also. These days coronviruses have affected more than thousands of people specially in China and some other countries also. Unfortunately many patients of them died and others are being cared carefully. Initially coronavirus was found in birds and over many years researchers found that this virus can affect dogs, rats, mice horses, pigs, cats and few other animals also. This virus has got its name because of its crown like shape.


When any person is exposed to coronavirus then he/she might have different symptoms which can be shown anywhere. In early stage it looks like common cold and people might have symptoms like fever, cough and short breath. But when infection get serious then this virus can turn deadly. In such stage patient might have pneumonia, failure of respiratory system and septic shock also. Patients who are in old age and also patients with weak immune system are at high risk of death from by coronavirus. Symptoms may also include sore throat, exacerbated asthma and fatigue also.


Coronavirus spread among human beings in the same way like virus of common cold and cough. If a person is exposed to infected person who is sneezing, coughing then he/she might get infected. If we are touching face and hands of infected person or even objects touched by them then there are chances of infection. Each and every person gets infected by coronavirus at least once in lifetime and we should take care of properly and should not turn into serious infection. In rare cases coronaviruses can also spread through feces.


There are different types of coronaviruses. They can spread illness of different severity. Current researchers have found four different types of coronaviruses which are responsible for spreading infections in human beings.

These four types are-

  1. 229E which is known as alpha coronavirus
  2. NL63- It is also an alpha coronavirus
  3. OC43- It is known as beta coronavirus
  4. HKU1- beta coronavirus
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