Health tips every woman should know

For ladies all over the world, health and fitness are two important aspects of life.

It is necessary to know the benefits one can gain right from eating correctly to a good exercise routine. Both these can bring in a lot of peace and harmony to the mind and body daily.

You must understand that there is no quick and rapid remedy to a healthy body, but regular and rigorous activities can make a huge difference.

There are quick and easy tips you can follow regarding the food you consume, water and liquids that hydrate you, giving yourself ample sleep and in a general way taking care of yourself that can help you keep in shape, both mentally and physically.

Every good thing takes time and with a little bit of planning, the right motivation and discipline, you can achieve a life-altering experience that will reflect on you. So it’s time to get that done. Now!

Here are 10 health and fitness tips you need to follow:

1. Breakfast: Like it nor not – it is the most important meal of the day. Having a good healthy early morning breakfast not only provides you with the required energy for the day but also kick starts your metabolism.

2. Keep yourself hydrated: Basic as it may seem, it is crucial to keep oneself hydrated for balanced mental and physical functioning. Drinking water at regular intervals keeps a check on your weight as you tend to eat less during your meals, thus keeping you more fit.

3. Maintain a healthy body weight: A regular eye on the weighing scale can do marvels. An active and fit body needs to be careful in maintaining the correct weight. Overweight is the last thing you wish to be as that will lead to other complications.

4. Do exercise regularly: Walking, jogging, bicycling, and dancing are good for anyone’s health as aerobic exercises. In fact, any form of physical exercise is good which may be as simple as going to the grocery store, rather than doing nothing at all.

5. Important vitamins and minerals: Apart from the usual calcium that builds strong bones, zinc and magnesium are also two other minerals that are very important for women. Lack of zinc impairs the immune system, which results in thinning of hair and the development of acne. On the other hand, magnesium helps with sleep, bone health, and is effective in relieving premenstrual problems, anxiety, and migraines.

6. Support circle: The best way to make this happen is to be a part of someone else’s circle. Increase your list of friends meet your family and relatives more often. Keep yourself indulged in a vibrant social circle as it helps you live longer and eliminates health problems.

7. Stop stressing over things: As women juggle through several things at a time, it is important to keep saying to oneself that “I will not stress myself today” – this works like magic as it eases the pressure that keeps building due to a load of things to be handled. Find some time to unwind. Doing yoga or just reading can help reduce the accumulating stress.

8. Regular health check-ups: This is the scientific approach to a healthy body. One needs to be aware of the problems that are emerging or any symptom that is not usual. Screening, testing, and consulting with a physician is a good habit.

9. Sleep: After a hectic day – this is the most important activity. It is imperative to have a good night’s sleep. Lack of sleep brings down your productivity and has an impact on your overall wellbeing. An 8-hour sleep is indeed a good remedy.

10. It’s all about you – finally! : The best tip for health is “just you”. Take time out for yourself. Do the things you really want to. Decide and dictate to yourself. A 10 minutes of this can be more beneficial than anything else.

​So, go ahead – be the healthy, strong and productive woman you wish to be!!