How can a primary care doctor help you in weight management?


Losing weight is not an overnight journey it requires complete dedication and hard work to be done for a certain period. The more support and motivation you have, higher are the chances of your success. And, adding your primary care doctor to this journey can definitely do wonders. Having a doctor or medical professional as your mentor during the weight loss process ensures that you lose weight in a healthy way instead of starving, which can further lead to other health problems. Here is how your doctor or physician can be a support system for weight management: Conversant with your medical history The way our body loses weight is not similar for everyone. Where some manage weight and get fit it in a few months, it might take several years for the others (especially those suffering from diabetes, cholesterol, thyroid, and other such health problems) to reduce even a few inches. Now, what could be the prime reason behind it? Of course, their health or medical history! Reputed and experienced physicians such as the West Cary Family Physicians understand this fact, and therefore, guide their patients accordingly.

Tells you the right diet plan
Unlike the diet plans available on different websites, an experienced physician or primary care doctor never set up a single plan for all of its patients. Instead, he/she gives every patient a customized diet plan only after monitoring his/her health and medical history. Moreover, your doctor will also suggest you have a routine checkup and get done the required tests to make sure everything is alright.

Customized exercise plan

If you want to lose weight in a short time, then you have to stick on the diet and do regular exercise. But how to know which exercise can be most effective for you. That’s when your primary care doctor comes into action. The benefit of having a doctor to get an exercise plan is that he/she is familiar with your health conditions as well as past surgeries if any. So, don’t waste your time in searching the “Doctors near me” in the search engines. Call the West Cary Family Physicians today for effective weight management.