How to ensure that you are taking a prescription medicine safely?


As the name suggests, prescription medicine or prescription drug is a medication that can be used if and only if it is prescribed by a health care practitioner or certified medical professionals such as West Cary Family Physicians. Unlike OTC or over-the-counter medicine, prescription medicines cannot be obtained without a medical prescription.

After you get a prescription from your doctor and bought the medications from a pharmacy, there are certain things you need to pay attention to. In this article, we have listed a few of them to help you to take your prescription medicines safely:
Read what your medication labels and other educational aids say!
If you are taking other medicines besides your prescription medicines, then prepare a list and write them all along with their dosage and other essential instructions. Make sure you always carry this list with you.
Don’t believe what’s written on the internet take your medicine exactly as prescribed by your doctor.
Don’t ignore the changes your body is going through while you are on medicines. As soon as you observe anything unusual, visit your doctor.
Go for a brown bag review with your doctor, at least once in a year. Visit your specific doctor to identify medicines that need to be changed or no longer required for the treatment.
Do not double the dosage or stop the medicine, unless you are asked for the same by your health care professionals. Most of the medical professionals such as the West Cary Family Physicians even ask their patients for timely visits to monitor their health and change the dosage, if required.
Make sure none of your medicines are outdated or expired. If you find some, replace them with the new ones.
Keep your medication out of the reach of children
Staying on track with the medicines is extremely important, especially when you are on it for a long-term. At any moment, if you doubt anything, feel free to contact best family physicians in Cary anytime.