Thanksgiving Guidelines by the NC Governor

As per the Governor Roy Cooper, there are statewide restrictions regarding coronavirus in North Carolina as there are many hotspots and a wide spread of the virus in the last few weeks. The red zone has been seen to double up and orange zone has also grown considerably. There are various types of preventive care that can be taken to avoid any further surge of the Covid cases in the state.

Hospitalizations have also been on the rise wherein close to 1600 people are being treated with the virus at various hospitals in the entire state. One must also not ignore that till now the fatality count in North Carolina has gone up to 5000 people.

Hence, it is time for the North Carolinians to come together and take appropriate measures during the Thanksgiving and ensure that

  1. Each person who visit their home who are not living with them, must wear a mask and maintain social distancing. Also, before they come in, please make sure they have sanitized their hands.
  2. Also ensure that if you are outdoors and social distancing cannot be maintained, you must wear a mask.
  3. If you are at a school or gym, airport, train or bus stations, you must wear a mask.
  4. At a shopping center, mall where there are many customers visiting every day, they must be wearing masks all the time.

It is important to follow these guidelines if we must stay safe. Hence, we as a community must work together and make this Thanksgiving a special one while taking all precautions.

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