In this type of cancer, the breast shows an unnatural growth as the cells start breaking and some of them form clusters which are initially inside the body but later, it starts showing from outside as well. Early detection of breast cancer is important and can be done with regular checkups with your family physicians at

Although it may be known that women suffering from a bad diet and lifestyle end up with this type of cancer, these are not really the only factors. Here are the top 4 mistakes women commit that make them prone to breast cancer –

1. Not Enough Exercise: Many women do not really take much care about exercising especially if they are thin. We must know that exercises be it aerobics, walking, yoga or whichever one you prefer is required for all women for at least 45 minutes every day. Those women who do not have a habit of exercises are seen to suffer from breast cancer and this is especially seen after menopause.

2. Not Breast Feeding: After you are a mother, it is important for you to breastfeed to balance your hormones. Due to a lack of breastfeeding, the chances of breast cancer are seen to go up.

3. Birth Control Pills and injections: If you are taking birth control pills or injections regularly, they can increase the chances of breast cancer. Check with your family physician ( for other options.

4. Alcohol Consumption: With increased consumption of alcohol (2-3 glasses per day) can reduce the estrogen levels in your body and lead to increased chances of breast cancer.

Always remember, prevention is better than cure and early detection of breast cancer is best and must be done through regular checks. To know more about symptoms of breast cancer, visit -