Why are there side-effects after taking Covid Vaccination?

Lately, there has been concern about this topic as people are finding it difficult to blindly trust the Covid vaccination. Maybe someone in your family or friends have taken this vaccine and felt some side effects.

So, are you also not sure whether to take the Covid vaccine or not? Read on…

Here is what the doctors have to say about the side effects of the Covid vaccine. The reaction of the vaccine could sometimes be due to various factors such as –

1. Immunity level of the concerned person: If the immunity is low, they may feel a bit of body ache, soreness, fatigue or even light fever at times.

2. Not taking enough rest: Usually, after taking any vaccination, the body takes a bit of time to adjust. Sometimes, if you are not taking enough rest after the vaccination, it can also cause tiredness, light fever or soreness around the area where you took the vaccination.

Why do people misunderstand the side effects?

1. Once a vaccine is injected, your body immediately reacts to it. Hence, people assume that it is not working because of the side effects.

2. The two doses of Covid-19 respond to our bodies differently. Some people may experience a serious reaction, and some may not. But for people who are having severe reactions after it, the side effects eventually go and the pain decreases. Hence there is no need to be afraid. It also means that all humans release different chemicals after taking the vaccine.

Finally, to conclude, we can say that it is better to know the benefits of vaccination than its minor side-effects which are also not long-lasting. Having said this, doctors also say that the vaccines are still on a trial basis so nothing can be predicted yet.

If you are feeling any such side effects after taking the Covid-19 vaccine, you can consult your physician or us and we will advise you an appropriate medication to take to help reduce them.